Jerusalem Kosher Cafe Moves To New Location

The Jerusalem Kosher Cafe, which originally was located on Broadway in Manhattan, has moved to a larger two floor location on the same block. The Cafe, which is a Dairy restaurant, holds an OK Kosher certification.


The famous Jerusalem Kosher Cafe in Manhattan had been located on bustling Broadway for many years. Overflowing, and unable to accommodate the large crowds, the cafe moved to a new location just doors away.

The new location boasts two large spacious floors, with room for parties and kosher events. Jerusalem Cafe also offers catering for simchas and other events.

The new location opened with a visit by Rabbi Weinfeld, the head of the Food Service Department at the OK Kashrus organization, along with his assistant Rabbi Teichman from Lakewood New Jersey.

The owner of the Cafe, Mr. Robert Teitelbaum was there to greet them along with the head Mashgiach Rabbi Elazar YomTov Yam.

The Cafe is certified kosher by the OK Kashrus, and is strictly Cholov and Pas Yisroel.

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