Missionaries Exposed in Chicago, Hiding in the Frum Community

A missionary couple has been exposed hiding as a Frum couple in the Chicago Jewish community. The couple was exposed by a visiting Sofer who recognized them.

by CrownHeights.info

A couple who called themselves Dovid and Rivkah Weber were exposed in the Chicago Frum community as missionaries.

The couple, who look and act like Frum Jews, had moved to Chicago only two months ago, and had already integrated with the frum community.

David, whose real name is Dovid Costello, was working in a local kosher store, while Rivkah had a job as a babysitter for members of the community.

The two had previously been exposed after having infiltrated into the Williamsburg Jewish community, only being exposed after attempting to have a bris Milah.

The couple has been known to target out of the way Jewish communities, including Chabad Houses.

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