V’Korah Shmoi B’Yisroel….Menachem Mendel, 3 Stories

Along with thousands of names and photographs, we received a trove of beautiful stories about miraculous events relating to the birth of children and them being named Menachem Mendel.

The following is a collection of 3 stories which have been submitted online in recent days. The full details, along with the pictures of the figures in the stories, will be released in the printed album.

Mendy K. from the south of Israel, relates:

After seven years of marriage, my parents still hadn’t been able to conceive, so they decided to travel to New York to ask for the Rebbe’s blessing. My mother waited on line for the famous “dollars distribution,” and when her turn came to approach the Rebbe, she briefly explained the situation and asked for his blessing.

The Rebbe handed her one dollar and said, “Here is one dollar for you, for good news.”

The Rebbe then picked up a second dollar and handed it to her, saying, “And this dollar is for your husband, for good news.”

Meanwhile, my father was on the men’s line, waiting for his opportunity to approach the Rebbe as well. when he came face to face with the Rebbe, the Rebbe handed him one dollar, saying, “Here is one dollar for you, for good news.”

Handing him another dollar, the Rebbe continued, “And this dollar is for your wife, for good news.”

A few months later, my mother became pregnant and my oldest brother was born. I was born five and a half years later, on Rosh Hashanah 5758-1997, and I was named Menachem Mendel.

The father of Mendy A. relates:

Through open miracles, our son Mendy was born on Shabbos Parshas Shemos, 19 Teves 5778-2018 in the city of our Shlichus in Bulgaria.

The next Shabbos we held the bris, and understandably, it was a very big celebration. In fact, it was also the first bris in our city in sixty years. We obviously named him Menachem Mendel.

The story of our miracle continues to makes waves until today, and after hearing the account, many people were inspired to make new commitments in their Torah and Mitzvos.

The mother of Menachem Mendel B. from Beit Shemesh, Israel, relates:

My husband and I grew up in various Chassidic (non-chabad) communities, but in recent years we’ve been coming closer to Chabad and the Rebbe.

During my sixth pregnancy, several complications arose, and the doctors predicted that it would end in a miscarriage. We were travelling to a wedding of a relative in the United States, so we decided to make a detour to New York and pray at the Rebbe’s Ohel.

While standing in that holy spot, I made a commitment:

If my pregnancy would pass successfully and I would give birth to a healthy child, I would dedicate that child to the Rebbe and name him Menachem Mendel.

Thank G-d, the pregnancy continued uneventfully, which was a pure miracle. On Yud Gimmel Tammuz 5778-2018, our precious son was born and we named him Menachem Mendel.

From that day, the Rebbe’s presence is felt in our home. The 24 hour presence of our very own “tangible” Menachem Mendel has added greatly to our progress in following the Rebbe’s ways.

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