Shabbos at the Besht: A tribute to My Uncle Yonah

This Shabbos at the Besht: Rabbi Gershon Avtzon is the Founder and Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati. He will be giving a tribute to his uncle Yonah Avtzon, and discussing what  we can learn from the mezuzos saga.


  • 1. Hold back please.... wrote:

    I h8ghly recommend that he not talk about the mezuzot issue. He is partial and biased and he knows why…
    The oylom has had enough…
    When one of his staff is in need of miraculous rachamei shomayim I highly advise him to keep his mouth shut on this issue.

  • 2. to #1 wrote:

    I spoke to Rabbi Avtzon
    He has no intention of speaking about the video or mezuzos; he is not a Rav or Sofer.As written on the poster: the LESSON WE CAN LEARN in our Avoda..
    stop the hate..

  • 3. Yankel wrote:

    to #1
    to #2
    rabbi avtzon the lesson for you is simple:
    you are a part of the saga, please come out openly and say sorry!!!

  • 4. Huge Besht Fan wrote:

    Folks, hashem should bless all of you. As previous commentators have mentioned, he indeed spoke nothing of the actual controversy. He spoke very beautifuly and touched on many inspiring points, including the following:
    Just like a Mezuzah is not the Mezuzah case, so too every Chasssid is not the hat and jacket. Just like a Mezuzah must be brought to a Sofer to be checked on a regular basis, so too a chassid must go a mashpia on a regular basis to make sure that he is in tow with all that he is doing. Etc…it was a very beautiful lecture. Huge shout out to Izzy Clapman⁩ for arranging these superstar speakers. Please everyone consider going to to help continue this beautiful work. Additionaly, please consider using our Simca Hall for your events. We are affordable, well located and great sized! You may Google The Besht Center and call the number for more info.

  • 5. Possibly for the besr ? wrote:

    I guess it may have been a good thing that he was warned against talking about the mezuzzah scandal
    Although it could’ve shed some light since he/his yeshiva was directly involved with this story ordering and then shipping most if not all the packages to Cincinnati and from there to chicago


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