Darchei Menachem Goes Skiing

In the early dawn hours, many excited Darchai Menachem students were seen hurriedly making their way to Yeshiva. After a heartfelt Davening and quick breakfast, the buses were loaded and they were off! Jack Frost Mountain, here we come!

After many weeks of hard work, the students were being rewarded with the first semester trip to the Pocono Mountains for a day filled with skiing and fun! Staying on track week after to week to meet their points quota is essential to being able to join the trip.

With ski tags attached to their coats before arrival, the students headed off the buses to receive their gear and made their way directly to the slopes. After hours of exhilarating ski lessons, ski runs and fun, the students gathered for Mincha and a delicious hot pizza dinner. Tired and happy, the students reluctantly boarded the buses for the return ride home.

The annual ski trip is part and parcel of the Darchai tradition. From way back when Darchai was first founded, Darchai has gone skiing every winter. Skiing is a challenge for many students, and when they see the accomplishments of their hard work and effort pay off, this feeling flows over into the classroom and raises their self confidence in other areas and challenges. As one student said, “I learned how to go down the green perfectly, it was amazing!”

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