Benny Friedman, Niggun Riot, Cocktails, and a Food Truck Erev Shabbos

Erev Shabbos meets Erev Rosh Hashana! Wine By the Case yet again teamed up with JMenu to feature some entertainment, great free cocktails, and food for the anash of Crown Heights. Yet again people passing by the store witnessed an exciting live band, Benny Friedman captivating the crowd, JJ’s Holy Cow food truck selling their delicious food, and a bartender in the store creating mixed Comsi Comsa Apple Champagne cocktails  in honor of Rosh Hashana.

The live music was lead by Avremi G., who has been performing music on the shopping thoroughfares of Crown Heights on Erev Shabbos in what he calls a “Nigun riot.”


  • Chaya

    Was amazing!! Best experience erev Shabbos!!! Thank you wine by the case for making it happen!!

  • Kaganovitch

    וs dancing woth liquor and fress a preparation forcRosh Hashanah?

    Where are our Rabbis? Busy knocking each other in preparation for Rosh Hashanah?

  • Loving this!

    Wow! I would have loved to be there! Cantor Aryeh Hurowitz and Benny Friedman is a great mix.

  • I'm feeling Israel Here

    Nice to see the good old Israel vibe and creative spirit is alive in Crown Heights. Great way of putting us all in a Rosh Hashona spirit,

  • Chana

    Thank you so much!
    this reminded me of the shuk in yerushalayim on erev shabbas Great music!

  • mendy

    benny friedman and hurowitz!
    what a treat wine by the case.Thank you for continuing to give back to the community.

  • its very nice

    and i appreciate the fact that it livens up the streets of CH on Erev Shabbos but imagine if they would take this the next step and use this as a tool of shlichus in a place full of not yet frum jews.
    I think it would be great if they were able to go to a place like Union Square or even Midtown and play Jewish and Chassidic music while Bochurim could do Mivtzoim with tables etc. on the side.

    what a great instrument (excuse the pun) for shlichus music can be.
    Not a criticism G-d forbid just a suggestion that might take things to another level and bring more meaning into it

    • Sheina

      I think we should use and expand our resources here in Crown Heights.
      There is enough Shlichus here in crown heights we should care a little for our own kids as well.