Young Ukraine Shluchim Enjoy Summer Camp

After last years amazing success camp Yaldei Hashluchim Ukraine reopened again for the second time with over 40 kids. Shluchim from all over Ukraine sent their children far away from their place of Shlichus in order to be in an environment of Torah and Mitzvos, an environment of Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit as well as a place filled with fun exciting trips and activities.

The camp is being run by a dedicated group of volunteers who have given their all to secure a great future for the Rebbe’s Shluchim, the Rebbe’s children.

The summer was packed with cool trips and activities such as amusement parks, roller skating, bowling, swimming, Hiking and ending off with color war, the grand sing and the banquet.

Our mission is to give them the right tools to continue with their shlichus in the best way possible and to give the Rebbe Nachas as a true Chayol of Tzivos Hashem should.

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