Cheder Levi Yitzchok Comes of Age

On Monday, June 25th, Melbourne’s newest registered school, Cheder Levi Yitzchok stunned a capacity audience of over 300 guests with a multidimensional display of the rich talents of its primary and secondary students.

Guests were welcomed to the elegant Kingston City Banquet Hall with a beautifully curated exhibit of student project work, displays and essays, featuring the Cheder’s trademark integration of cherished Jewish values into all of the students lessons and work.

As school founder Mr Eliezer Kornhauser said in his address: “The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught us that we don’t run away from this world to join a higher one; instead we work to fuse the two. We aren’t in the business of making it to heaven -we’re busy bringing heaven down to earth”.

According to the Cheder’s vision, the integration of Jewish teachings throughout the day should be so profound that for the Cheder’s students, the distinction between Jewish and secular subjects should be increasingly undetectable.

And indeed, the entire evening authentically showcased this aspiration -from a beautiful musical ensemble, to a contemporary TED talk style presentation of a complex Talmudic exegesis. A twenty five student strong choir captivated the audience with its Chassidic medley while eleven year old Arik Hoch recounted the fascinating story of the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Joseph Isaac Schneerson’s imprisonment and miraculous salvation on Yud Be is Tammuz.

The Great Exhibition climaxed with an upbeat video presentation highlighting the daily life at Cheder Levi Yitzchok, as viewed through the eyes of the students, with a particular emphasis on davening at the Cheder.

Mr Kornhauser summed up the evening with a presentation on the “Past, Present and Future” of the Cheder. He outlined the historical progression of the Cheder from a program of religious instruction for a handful of students to one of the community’s key educational institutions. The pace of growth necessitated the acquisition and renovation of a beautiful campus on Chapel Street, St Kilda, with plans for new classes and teaching faculty.

The evening presented a beautiful panorama of the outstanding achievements of a highly skilled and dedicated staff, actively engaged parents and an eager and motivated student body.

In its pursuit of traditional Chabad ethos in a focused academic environment, Cheder Levi Yitzchok is fast earning itself a reputation for uncompromised yet highly advanced Jewish education; developing and nurturing the future leaders of our Australian Jewish community.

For information about Cheder Levi Yitzchok or to arrange a tour of the school, please contact Rabbi David Rahmani on 8372 0700

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