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Siddur Party at Lubavitcher Yeshiva

The proud parents and grandparents of the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva Pre-1A gathered to celebrate the Talmidim’s Siddur party.

The event began with a Sicha of the Rebbe about how learning Torah is a child’s only profession, and how the parents can take a lesson from their children in how to approach Torah with enthusiasm and complete investment.

Rabbi Simpson spoke about the power of the Tefillos of young children, quoting the Gemara which states, “The world exists upon the breath of the children which is not tainted with sin.” He also spoke about the importance of encouraging children to look inside and point when Davening. This is the time to ensure that each child has a Siddur, Chumash and a Pushka box in his room. Rabbi Goldstein thanked the Rebbis for their tireless efforts in the Chinuch of the Talmidim.

Each class performed a special presentation, including singing the 12 Pesukim and Tanya B’al Peh that they learned this year.

A video presentation, “A Day in Pre-1A,” brought parents into the classrooms and into the happy world of their son in Lubavitcher Yeshiva. Afterwards each Talmid received his own Siddur, with his name embossed in gold.

With the joy and energy from this milestone, the Talmidim, Melamdim, parents and grandparents joined together for joyous singing and dancing.

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