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Thousands Participate in Buenos Aires Lag BaOmer Events

Over 2000 children of the elementary schools of the Jewish community of Buenos Aires Argentina gathered for a Mega Lag Baomer Parade and an amazing day of adventure and inspiration.

The day started with a parade in the streets of the Jewish neighborhood of ONCE and gathered infront of the AMIA comunity center, to recite psukim and hear words of inspiration from the Head Shliach Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt and the President of the AMIA Mr. Agustin Zvar

The parade included beautiful marching bands and floats built by the Bochrim of the Yeshiva.

The central gathering was held in the Gym of Hacoach Sports center with the reciting of the 12 pesukim by representatives of 7 different Chabad schools. Head Shliach Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt inspired the crowd with a message of unity and pride. alive band of Tiembla el Mohel, and a spectacular show.

The schools marched in front of the crowd led by the Tzivos Hashem marching band, 2 military marching bands.

Special thanks to the staff of Chabad Lubavitch Argentina, Shluchim of the Batei Chabad, Students and Shluchim of the Yeshiva, Mesivta and Seminario B’nos Yisrael, Tzivos Hashem directed by Rabbi Shloime Taubenfligel, ODD and all the sponsors, for the incredible success of this most extraordinary day.

Sefira Warning: Video contains music

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