Photos: Camp Fund Holds Annual Auction

The Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund – in memory of Hatomim Avremi Goldman HYD – hosted its annual auction with hundreds in attendance. the camp fund benefits children with scholarships that enables parents to send them to summer camp.

Winners list:

Grand Prize: Soroh & Ahron
Split the Pot: Chaya Sarah Cantor
Jackpot: C. Altein

  1. Walk the Holy Soil: Dovid Schwartz
  2. Rochie’s Wigs: Debbie
  3. KMR Retreat: Mendel Lew
  4. Silver Masterpiece: Eli Winner
  5. Shevy: Aliza Kreger
  6. $1,800 Cash Prize: R. Frank
  7. Schottenstein Shas or Shas App: Izzy B
  8. Tzfasman Jewelers: Nosson Simcha
  9. European Getaway: Malkie Carciente
  10. $1,800 Gift Card at A&B/Drimmers: A. Minkowicz
  11. Megillas Esther: CM
  12. Macbook Air Laptop: Bassy Leioir
  13. $1,000 Gift Card to B&H, Best Buy, or Apple: Baila D.
  14. $1,000 towards Gas or Electric Bill: Soroh & Ahron
  15. $1,000 Costco: Doosa G.
  16. $1,000 Gift Card to Everything But The Baby: DL Katz
  17. Woman’s Shopping Spree: Levi S.
  18. Jewelry by Mink Jewelers: MCB
  19. $1,000 Cash Card: SBS
  20. Miri’s Wig: Mindy Silver
  21. Family on the Go-Go Road Trip: Jackpot
  22. $1,000 Gift Certificate by Barber Jewelers: Mera
  23. $770 Cash Card: Chana’le Wilschansky
  24. Men’s Package: Chaya Singer
  25. Everything Mattress: Faige Winner
  26. Apple Ipad Air: Zelda Rosenfeld
  27. Canon EOS Rebel T5 Camera: Yankel Cohen
  28. Target: Chana R.
  29. $500 at Amazon: MCB
  30. $500 at Zappos: YRL
  31. Florida Trip for 2: Mindy Halberstam
  32. Yalkut Me’am Loez or Ohr Hatorah: Yitzy
  33. Shopping Spree: Rivka F.
  34. Divine Dining: Naava
  35. Apple Sports Watch: Malka Janowsky
  36. $500 Visa Card: Y,S,E,R, Simpson
  37. Vitamix: RS
  38. $500 Towards Cleaning Help: P.A.
  39. Alter Rebbe’s Shluchan Aruch in English: SHM
  40. Choice of Uber or Lyft: Bension Kohen
  41. Sterling Silver Becher: M. Zakaria
  42. Mikvah Meir: Ita E.
  43. One Month at Camp Gan Israel Montreal: Baruch Kantor
  44. $360 at Bed Bath & Beyond or Ikea: S. Vaisfiche
  45. $360 Gift Card at Trader Joe’s: Dini Levin
  46. Mitzvah Kinder: Bracha Levitansky
  47. One month of Camp Emunah: Yossi New
  48. Blissful Baking: Ma Zakaria
  49. Ipad Mini: Mussie G.
  50. Tell Me the Story of the Parsha: Sruly K.
  51. $500 of Luxurious Linen: Shulamis Lokeinsky
  52. Rebbe Pod: Zalmy Ceitlin
  53. $360 Visa Card: Mrs. Esther Turk
  54. Elegant Cutlery: Batsheva Moully
  55. Smart Home Entry System: Sholom Piekarski
  56. Playmobil: Ritasa Pind
  57. Sephora Cosmetics $360: Mashi Junik
  58. $360 Market Place/Empire Kosher: Sterna Keller
  59. $360 at Zara or Anthropologie: Shloime T.
  60. American Girl Doll or Bitty Twins: Giti Levin
  61. 40 Books on Parade: Sruly K.
  62. $200 at Junee: Mimi Fox
  63. Complete Set of Likkutei Dibburim: Riva Hayman
  64. Kol Menachem: Menachem Mendel
  65. Glider and One Year Subscription to N’shei and Joy of Kosher: Dini Levin
  66. Bencraft: Fox
  67. $180 Visa Card: C.L.
  68. Torah Treasures DVD Collection: Esther Nissim
  69. Big & Little Midrash Says: Esther Markowitz
  70. Chayeinu or Dvar Malchus: SCP
  71. Welcome Home: Yisroel Drizin
  72. Magna Tiles: Chaya Lever
  73. Tiefenbrun Collection: Ahron’s Appliance Repair
  74. Likutei Sichos/Sichos Parshios: MCB
  75. Time to Read: Boom In Boom
  76. Beat Solo HD Headphones: Mera
  77. Beyond Bedding: S.S.
  78. $250 Gift Card to All-Star Fabrics: Jackpot
  79. Bingo $250: L.E.
  80. The Mini Chossid, Customized Judaica, Ikippah: Chana Pewzner
  81. Kids Play Toy Package: Rivka Raices
  82. Eye Fashion: AMF
  83. Surprise: David Klein

Photos by Esther Malka Levertov / Naches Photography