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Photos: Beis Rivka Celebrates Lag Ba’omer

Girls from Beis Rivka High School had a special Lag Ba’omer evening, which included a bonfire as well as a barbecue, arranged by the school administration. The event included meaningful programming for the girls, ensuring that the evening was celebrated appropriately.


  • 2. "The Doc" wrote:

    Benjy Stock is the man!!
    He makes sure that all is running smooth with honor an respect @ BR.

  • 3. really? wrote:

    “ensuring that the evening was celebrated appropriately.”

    Why is this only said about girls?

  • 4. Anonymous wrote:

    Yes, there were so many people to be thanked for making it happen!
    Benjy, Tzvi, Gil, Tanya, all the other people who work for BR, and the GO girls and Lag BaOmer committee!

  • 5. great job! wrote:

    thank you to GO for arranging and running this event!


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