Photos: Chabad Tent on the Grounds of the Polin Museum

Chabad of Poland’s Tent on the grounds of the Polin Museum, welcomes March of the Living visitors. The Tent hosts a variety of lectures, discussions and a memorable Shabbat dinner experience.

“The Chabad Tent serves as great space for processing the experience of The Polin Museum, and especially after visiting Treblinka, Auschwitz, etc. The diversity of people one meets there, Poles and Jews, and the nature of the discussions taking place there during the MOTL is an important part of the experience”, said Baila Olidort, Editor-in-Chief of

Photo by International

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  • 1. impressive wrote:

    I realize that some of the participants are not Jews.

    I wonder was it suggested to those that are Jews to wear a Kipa (which might have been made available at the entrance to the tent)?

    It would be a very nice show of respect to those that perished precisely because they were Jews.


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