Chanukah Warmth Shared with Elderly in Kiev

The cold weather didn’t stop Kiev’s young Jewish professionals from celebrating Chanukah with warmth and enthusiasm, nor from sharing that warmth and joy with the elderly and the less fortunate.

Throughout Chanukah, members of the community joined the Shluchim Rabbi Ariel and Cherry Markovitch in distributing packages of food to unfortunate elders. They lit the menorah with them, sang songs, and brought joy to homes of many lonely people.

On the fifth night, CYPK had an exclusive event with a special emphasis on the power of the individual and the light that each person brings to the world. For most of them, it was their first time celebrating the holiday, and Rabbi Markovitch explained to them the story of Chanukah and the many messages behind it.

The Talent Show brought unification to all and gave the opportunity to everyone to showcase their way they can contribute and give to the community they all want to be part of. People were touched and impressed with the evening and all asked to learn more about Judaism on their way out.