Beis Rivkah High School Marks Yud Shvat

On Monday, Yud Shvat, Bais Rivkah High School students enjoyed a full day program delving into the life and teachings of our Rebbe and exploring how to strengthen our Hiskashrus.

After learning chassidus before davening, the girls had the privilege of davening along with a recording of the Rebbe’s holy voice. Immediately afterwards, they moved on into four incredible rotations that lasted for the entire morning.

The first rotation focused on the Yud Beis Pesukim. The Rebbe constantly encouraged for children to recite them with energy and enthusiasm, so the girls were aware that they are obviously deep and meaningful. The girls participated in round-table discussions, lead by various teachers and shluchos, which delved into the meaningful lessons for daily life that are learned from the Yud Beis Pesukim.

For the next rotation the girls learned more about the mission statement of Basi Legani, making this world into a dirah b’btachtonim. The workshop focused on the fact that our Rebbe helps us see beyond our limited perception of physicality.

The girls then watched a video presentation  of their very own teachers describing their  encounters with the Rebbe. The message rang clear that the Rebbe’s guidance constantly empowers many throughout their different fundamental stages in life.

For the final rotation, the girls entered a room that had been completely transformed into a Museum. The walls contained a timeline journeying from the birth of our Rebbe and all throughout the many years of his nesius. The girls explored more about the various campaigns started as well as many instrumental events and  encounters.  The interactive audio and video station helped things come alive.

Following the rotations the girls were greeted by a beautifully decorated lunchroom. They  enjoyed a delicious lunch, and then joined together for some beautiful singing.

To wrap up the uplifting day, Rabbi Deren spoke. He empowered the girls with his sincere and heartfelt words about hiskashrus to our nasi.

The program was concluded with a choir and video presentation. It left the girls with the powerful message that now, despite this long golus, our Rebbe is with us. He’s keeping us strong and watching all we do as his chassidim with pride!

Additionally, each grade had a farbrengen later in the evening, to keep the inspiration flowing on this fundamental day for chassidim!

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