Cruise Menorah Lights Up Gulf of Mexico

The Grand Chanukah Cruise organized this year by Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz of Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida was a huge success.

The Cruise featured A Lavish Full Catered Upscale Dinner with a Sushi Bar, drinks & fresh Chanukah Doughnuts, with live music by the new band called “The Big Yarmulkes,” headed by Avi Dahan, Avi Gev, David PerezGershon Hayes and Sasha Zukerman – all members of the Fort Myers Jewish Community, as well as a full program for children that included a Photo Booth, Clowns, Face Painting and a Magic Show.

The Highlight of the event was the lighting of the Grand Menorah on the Gulf of Mexico, followed by Music and Dancing.

The children of Maimonides Hebrew Day School performed a Choir, directed by Shliach Rabbi Simon Jacobson of Chabad of Charlotte county.

As everyone left the cruise, they received a $2 bill as Chanukah Gelt from Rabbi Minkowicz.

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