ULY Students Joined by Fathers for Siyum

In United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, a Siyum celebration is not limited to the Talmidim: The Talmidim of the fifth grade classes were overjoyed to complete yet another Mesechta of Mishnayos, and to share the celebration with their fathers.

The fathers of the Talmidim were invited to the class for the Siyum celebration. One Talmid made the Siyum out loud, after which each father spent 30 minutes with his son to review the Mishnayos and Gemara.

In class, the Talmidim use the “Back-Chazoro” system to retain all of the Mishnayos and Gemara they have learned this year.

Rabbi Blasberg’s class and Rabbi Levy’s Class each celebrated with a Pizza party. Rabbi Wolf’s class began the celebration in their classroom, after which they walked to Crown Kosher Meat Market, where R’ Mendy Raitport, father of one of the Talmidim in the class, hosted a delicious BBQ, while sharing with the Talmidim stories of the Baal Shem Tov.

In Rabbi Goldstein’s 3rd grade class, the fathers enjoyed a special musical production by the Talmidim as part of their Siyum celebration.

1. Rabbi Wolf (1) 2. Rabbi Goldstein (5) 3. Rabbi Wolf (2) 4. Rabbi Goldstein (6) 5. Rabbi Wolf (3) 6. Rabbi Wolf (4) 7. Rabbi Wolf (5) 8. Rabbi Wolf (6) 9. Rabbi Wolf (7) 10. Rabbi Wolf (8) 11. Rabbi Wolf (9) 12. Rabbi Wolf (10) 13. Rabbi Wolf (11) 14. Rabbi Wolf (12) 15. Rabbi Wolf (13) 16. Rabbi Wolf (14) 17. Rabbi Wolf (15) 18. Rabbi Wolf (16) 19. Rabbi Blasberg (6) 20. Rabbi Blasberg (7) 21. Rabbi Blasberg (8) 22. Rabbi Blasberg (9) 23. Rabbi Blasberg (10) 24. Rabbi Goldstein (1) 25. Rabbi Goldstein (2) 26. Rabbi Goldstein (3) 27. Rabbi Goldstein (4) 28. Rabbi Levy (1)


  • 1. Thank you! wrote:

    Thank you so much Rabbi Wolf!
    All the Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit you give our child is felt at home.
    Thank you Rabbi Simpson and the whole ULY team, we are so fortunate to have our 3 sons attend the best Yeshiva with such devoted staff.

    Thank you!

  • 5. Greatful wrote:

    Our son is so happy to be in Rabbi Goldstein’s class.
    He comes home every day eager to share what he learned in his class, always with nice stories and Mesholim.
    Thank you!
    A big Yasher Koach to all the wonderful Rebbis in Lubavitcher Yeshiva!


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