Siddur Party Season Begins in Oholei Torah

Over the next 5 weeks all 6 Pre-1A classes will be having their Siddur parties in the main ballroom, together with their parents and extended family members.

Rabbi Meir Shimshoni, principal, explained that due to the tremendous growth in his department, the decision was made to make each class their own event – which enhances the event and helps the young students feel more comfortable and enjoy the party much more. This also allows the family to better interact and take part in this milestone event.

The feedback from the parents was very enthusiastic, saying even though they understand making each class their own party is a much larger expense and effort on behalf of the school, they are pleased that Rabbi Shimshoni, and his staff, have organized the Siddur party events in such a manner that it is most enjoyable for the students and their families.

This past week, Rabbi Avrohom Shtroks class was the first to have a Siddur party, and Rabbi Levi Dijan spoke on behalf of the parents. The event ended off with lively music, dancing and special treats. Each young talmid was presented with his own siddur, and a special note inside.

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