Oholei Torah Celebrates Completion of New Gym

A major renovation of the gymnasium facilities at Oholei Torah was recently completed and a special preview was given to the projects benefactor.

Oholei Torah just completed a major renovation project in the recreation facility wing of its Eastern Parkway Campus. Yossi Popack together with his wife Batsheva, have generously sponsored the new gymnasium.

This is in addition to the upgraded swimming pool, locker rooms and showers that the Popacks sponsored previously. These facilities will greatly enhance the school day, adding a much needed healthy outlet for the students to exercise and productively utilize their recess and gym time.

Mr. Popack was personally involved with this project, seeing that the quality of the workmanship and the aesthetics would be of the highest caliber. The gymnasium project was initiated and brought to Mr. Popacks attention by the Oholei Torah PTA Ladies, and they are most grateful for all his efforts.

The gymnasium went through complete renovation, making it a state of the art facility benefiting the entire community. Central air conditioning and heat, new acryvin walls, Gared sports hoops, a handball court, enlarged and new windows and a new sports floor custom made by Snapsports have been installed. The gym is equipped for a variety of sports games. Students who have played in the new Gym all said it was well worth the wait, many of them amazed, and “wowed”  as they saw the gym for the first time.

Mr. Yanki Sufrin with his years of experience was the construction adviser, and put many hours and effort into the planning and production stages of this project, together with Mr. Abe Perkal, a close friend of Mr. Popack. Thomas Peterson of Sports Pro USA, who has extensive experience in gym building, gave his insight and expertise.  R’ Motel Bronchtain and Hershmeilich Rosenfeld of the school management, and Rabbi Nosson Blumes of the development office, were instrumental in the ongoing construction.

Mr. Popack visited the site during the construction and last week joined many others who were involved with the renovations for a Preview Viewing before the gym opened for the talmidim. During the preview viewing, a group of students prepared thank you cards and hand drawn pictures of the new gym, as a sign of Hakaros Hatov to the Popacks. A group of the PTA ladies came for a tour of the Gym on Sunday, and watched as the first class entered to play in the new gym.

The new Gym will be used by all divisions of Oholei Torah, and open for the general community as well. Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, Executive Director of Oholei Torah thanked Mr. and Mrs. Popack for the many building projects they have sponsored in the Oholei Torah Campuses. Plans are underway for an official grand opening in the near future.

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