Aliyah Welcomes New Torah in Honor of Yud Shvat

Forty-five years ago, on Erev Yud Shvat 5730, the Rebbe concluded the writing of Moshiach’s Sefer Torah, the writing of which was begun by the Frierdiker Rebbe in 5702, and was never finished. To commemorate this historic event Aliya welcomed a new Sefer Torah.

The new Torah was kindly ​donated by the greater Tamir families. The decision to move the Sefer Torah from 770 to Aliya was only made days before Yud Shvat, but details were expedited so the Hachnassas Sefer Torah could be done on Yud Shavt.

Following the Hakafos, there was a beautiful Seudas Mitzvah and Yud Shvat Farbrengen in the second room of Aliya where Bassi Legani was recited and practical applications of Shtus Dekedusha discussed.

Thank you to Rebetzin Feiglin for making the delicious food that the boys thoroughly loved, Shevach Tamir, Moishe Katzen and Sruvi Litzman for playing the live music, Moishe Ivri for the light spinning and most importantly the Tamir, Gochafi, Deutch and Sasson families for sharing their sacred Sefer Torah with Aliya and Zaki Tamir for helping put all the pieces together.

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