GrubHub Free Lunch For NYC Sparks Buying Spree, Overloads Restaurants


When something is too good to be true, many times it’s simply not. Other times it’s GrubHub giving free lunch for New Yorkers who made orders between 11:00am and 2:00pm.

“I have hundreds of tickets at Holesome Bagels,” said Menachem Sheinberger. “I am running out to the bakery to get more bagels.”

Sheinberger, the owner of Holesome Bagels and Sauce n’ Cheese, is not the only one who suddenly found themselves overwhelmed. With multiple locations being forced to stop accepting orders.

“Even after we stopped accepting orders, the printer just kept on printing. There were so many orders,” Sheinberger said.

The surprise free lunch went viral on social media Tuesday morning, flying across group chats and sparking a buying craze that some are wondering how GrubHub will pay for.

But if you missed it, all is not lost. GrubHub has continued the special with $5 off any order made after 2:00pm with the code 5OFFNYC.

“On May 17th, we dished out free lunch to New Yorkers because they absolutely deserved it,” GrubHub wrote about the special. “If you missed out, no worries. Enjoy this delicious deal!”

While restaurants across the city struggle to figure out how to handle the surge, many who managed to order will be waiting a very, very long time to get their free lunch.

Did You Get Your Order?

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