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MTA In Dire Financial Trouble, Massive Cuts Looming


In the city that never sleeps, transit might soon grind to a crawl.

New York Cities Metropolitan Transit Authority has warned of dire financial troubles, noting that they are losing a mind boggling $200 Million per week.

“The pandemic has left us in dire financial trouble—this is the most difficult challenge we’ve ever faced. Without major federal assistance, we won’t be able to continue moving New York,” the MTA wrote on social media.

To survive the ongoing fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, the MTA is warning of worst case scenario cuts that are looming on the horizon.

On the chopping block includes 7,300 jobs, a 40% reduction in subway service and 50% reduction in LIRR/MNR service, citywide busing cuts, and delays to subway line expansions.

The only saving action appears to be in the hands of the federal government, which has dangled the hope of financial aid, but has had recent bills stalled by partisan politics.

While the cuts are on on the table, the MTA has said that as of today, there is no vote planned to implement them.

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