New York Halts All Nonessential Construction


In the latest job targeted by New York State to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Governor Andrew Cuomo has halted all nonessential construction.

“Even as most businesses in the state were shut down to halt the spread of the coronavirus, construction workers continued to report to work building luxury towers, squeezing 20 deep into service elevators and sharing portable restrooms,” the New York Times wrote.

On Friday morning, Mayor de Blasio made the announcement that all nonessential construction, including luxury towers must cease,

He said on WNYC radio that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo had ordered, “based on what was absolute agreement between New York City and New York State, that nonessential construction will end.”

DeBlasio added that “Anything that is not directly part of the essential work of fighting coronavirus and the essential work of keeping the city running and the state running — any construction that is not about the public good is going to end. So luxury condos will not be built until this is over. Office buildings are not going to be built. That work’s going to end immediately. We need to protect people.”