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Fur Ban Proposal on the Table in NYC


There is a fur ban on the table in New York City. If it passes, it will cause some serious anti-Shtreimel sentiment.

The fur ban was introduced back in March by City Council Speaker Corey Johnson. It does have a clause that contains a religious exemption, but that still does not bode well or reducing any of the growing anti-Semitism in New York City.

Brooklyn councilman Chaim Deutsch, said it best:

Considering the fact that hate crime in New York City is on the rise, people will be targeted on the streets, saying, ‘Why are you wearing this if there’s a fur ban?’

The New York State Senate and Assembly actually introduced a bill banning the sale of fur one week before Johnson introduced his in March.

Shtreimels sold in the United States are made from real fur, from the tips of the tails of Canadian or Russian sable, beech marten, European pine marten or the American gray fox. In Israel, synthetic shtreimels are more common due to more difficult economic circumstances. They are generally custom-made.

The odds are, however, that the bans will not pass due to the strong fur lobby in New York City.

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