Cuomo Defeats Nixon, Myrie Defeats Hamilton in NY Dem. Primary

With close to 90 percent of election districts reporting, unofficial election results show the race in the New York Primary Gov. Andrew Cuomo staving off a challenge from political upstart Cynthia Nixon. In the race for Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul defeated Jumaane Williams. In Crown Heights political newcomer Zellnor Myrie defeated the incumbent Jesse Hamilton.


In the race for New York State Governor, the incumbent Andrew Cuomo easily defeated Cynthia Nixon by securing some 65 percent of the vote.

The race for Lieutenant Governor was far closer, by was ultimately called for Kathy Hochul who defeats Jumaane Williams receiving 53 percent of the vote.

Letita James handily won the race for New York Attorney General securing some 41 percent of the vote.

Very weak turnout in the 20th Senate District, which includes Crown Heights, saw Zellnor Myrie defeat incumbent Jesse Hamilton. Myrie scored endorsements from the New York Times along with a litany of New York politicians, all aimed at unseating Hamilton.

In the 17th Senate District, incumbent Simcha Felder defeated Blake Morris, securing some 62 percent of the vote.

These results are based off the New York State Unofficial Election Night Results and may change once the final tally is certified.


  • CHPAG or whatever they call themselves

    They are the kiss of death for everyone they endorse. And now you will not get recognition or the considerations CH needs.

    You voters just won’t learn, will you.

  • Jay Sorid

    NYS Senatorial Elections are every two years.
    Below are the unofficial results from NYS Board of Elections. Election was decided by just 3463 votes, not including over 2000 blank votes.

    State Senate DEM Primary > 20th Senate District

    Vote for 1
    Active Registered Voters 136129
    Results for All Counties 213 of 213 precincts reporting

    Candidate Name Party Total Votes Votes%

    Jesse E. Hamilton DEM 19138 43.44
    Zellnor Y. Myrie DEM 22601 51.30
    Blank 2195 4.98
    Void 57 0.13
    Write-in 66 0.15

    • Need to work smart

      Being Tishrei, get any American visiting to register to vote here.

      Rather than going around with posters of Hamilton at the כותל המערבי, actually go from house to house to take people to vote.

  • Jay from LI

    The last time the Jessie Hamilton had a real primary fight was September’ 2014 NYS Sen 20th Congressional District against the more progressive Rubain J Dorancy who was backed by Uma Clarke and Mayor DiBlasio. Clarke and Diblasio again backed Hamilton’s challenger, Sen Zellnor Myrie, with different results.

    More than 2.5 times as many people voted in the current democratic primary as compared to the same voting in Sept’ 2014. (15,055 in Sept 2014 NYS 20th Senate primary versus 41,739 in current Sept 2018 primary)

    Jessie Hamilton received 2 times as many votes in the Sept 2018 race, (19,138), as he did back in Sept’2014 dem primary for 20th Sen District, when he received 9799 and beat challender Rubain Dorancy who received 4440 votes. ( See NYC Board of Election Certified Results, Sept 2014 Dem Primary – NYS Senate 20th District)

    Over 32% of active registered voters placed votes in this primary versus about 11% back in Sept 2014 for same election race. Sen Hamilton’s Senate District includes parts of Sunset Park, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brownsville, East Flatbush and Crown Heights. (I do not have the data on Crown Heights, which will show by polling station how many votes and for which candidate. This data will be on NYC Board of Elections website under Certified Results in the near future. Voting Numbers for last night’s election are based upon NYS Board of Elections unofficial election night voting results)

  • Hope

    I hope Hamilton runs in the general election under a different party line, and if we get some serious smart action – אולי ירחם.

  • Chaim

    well we luckily will get another chance because Hamilton in running as an independent in November.

  • Duke of Kingsbrook

    What I would tell Jessie Hamilton if I liked him

    1) Go After Diblasio’ and his 2015 ZQA and MIH Upzoning legislation which the city council passed after the Brooklyn Community Boards voted against it

    Find a worthy enemy of the people. Democrats have found that in Trump. You have Mayor Diblasio. Most Yidden don’t realize that almost all the community boards voted against the Mayor’s Zoning for Quality and Affordability and Mandatory Inclusionary Housing. It Manhattanized Brooklyn by increasing the square footage of buildings, yet it only required studios, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments; housing for singles, not families. It simultaneously lowered parking space requirements, resulting in less cars which drives families out of Brooklyn while making real estate developers all the more wealthy.

    2) Housing for Families and Large Families

    Cuomo gave $1.4 billion to Central Brooklyn. Lead.
    Hold a public meeting about developing all the NYS land South of Winthrop, North of Clarkson, between Utica and Albany for families 3 BR apts and large families 4BR, 5 BR affordable housing.

    3) Cancer Research STEM Cell Research Building with federal funds and other incentives on land in back of Winthrop

    4) Emphasize Your Leadership in Raise the Age to help energize the African-American vote.

    5) Go after the Chinese vote in Sunset Park by opposing DIBlasio’s new school program which discriminates against over-achieving Asians.

    6) Take a public stand against the Black community being a dumping ground for homeless shelters by passing Fair Share Legislation and referencing how ZQA did away with ZR 22-42 which dealt with oversaturation limits. Reveal how oversaturation of low income homeless housing adds to gentrification by real estate developers receiving bonus air rights after

    7) Public Safety – You had two brushes with shootings in the recent past( at your campaign office and near a housing project in the recent past). Ask NYS & Cuomo for public funds for SURVEILANCE CAMERAS and drones. Bring in NYS State troopers as additional back up for a new NYS Trooper station on the land in back of Kingsbrook, in back of Winthrop. African-Americans and Latinos make up more than 92 percent of the crime shooting victims according to NYPD Crime Stats.