90-Year Old Holocaust Survivor Fights Off Mugger

The NYPD says they’ve arrested a would-be mugger whose attempt to steal a Holocaust survivor’s purse was thwarted when the then-90-year-old woman fought back.

from CBS News:

Forty-nine-year-old Lillian Maduro was arrested Monday and charged with robbery and assault in connection with the September 27 incident in Greenwich Village.

Authorities say Maduro sneaked up behind Gina Zuckerman and tried to grab her bag from her utility cart. Zuckerman was knocked down during the assault but wouldn’t let go of her bag.

Police say Maduro fled and remained on the loose until a DNA sample helped link her to the crime.

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  • 2. Moishe not rabeinu wrote:

    The police were tenacious in their efforts in that precinct.. Using DNA etc.They should send some of their people to the other precincts

  • 3. G-d bless this lovely lady wrote:

    What spunk! May she live many more happy healthy and SAFE years!


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