Former Mayor Dinkins Sued for Alleged Hit-and-Run

From Reuters:

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins denied on Saturday an accusation in a lawsuit that he plowed into a bicycle deliveryman while driving on a Manhattan street and then fled.

Deliveryman Rodrigo Garcia alleged that a car driven by the 89-year-old former politician struck him on June 30 as Garcia was stopped to make a turn on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Police did not file any charges, Garcia’s attorney said.

Dinkins, who was mayor from 1990 to 1993, drove off and did not return to the accident site, according to the lawsuit filed on Friday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The lawsuit says that the victim was seriously injured in the incident. The New York Post reports that he suffered a broken ankle.

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  • 25 years

    lkovod the 25 yrs. from than. when he disappeared from cityhall. so now he disappeared from an accident site

  • Terrible mayor and racist !

    If it true / i hope he goes to jail for the rest of his sickening life

    A friend of Rosenblum Hayad

  • Riot?

    I thought accidentally hitting someone with your car is an act worthy of a riot, no? I guess it depends who you hit. Or maybe it depends on who’s driving.

  • ironically

    Ironically this is exactly what we can accuse him of doing in the crown heights riots.