Chasidic Man Rescues Asian Woman from Jumping Off Brooklyn Bridge

A Chasidic man from Williamsburg is being hailed a hero after rescuing a 52-year-old Asian woman who attempted to jump off from the Brooklyn Bridge Monday morning, witnesses said.

From JP Updates:

The incident played down at around 9:55 a.m., when the woman attempted to jump off from the Brooklyn side of the bridge.

Shloime  Kohn, the Jewish man who was on the bridge and witnessed the attempt, held her down with the help of other civilians until police arrived. The woman was standing on the edge of the bridge.

Emergency Medical Services transported her to Woodhull Hospital, where she is being treated. She has a history of emotional disturbances, a law enforcement source said.


    • 2. Ezra wrote:

      See Sotah 21b: היכי דמי חסיד שוטה כגון דקא טבעה איתתא בנהרא ואמר לאו אורח ארעא לאיסתכולי בה ואצולה. So fortunately, this chassid was not a חסיד שוטה.

    • 4. doesnt matter wrote:

      So he should let someone die because he’s shomer negia? Wow, ur unintelligent and brainwashed

  • 6. anonymous people wrote:

    it was actually a crown heights that was there first and pulling her

  • 9. Shomer Negiah wrote:

    I guess there was a heter for the chassidic Williamsberg man to hold this nekayveh.

  • 12. smb wrote:

    This is what the Torah is about, being good hearted and helping others. Kol hakavod

  • 14. to #1,6,7 wrote:

    you unfortunately mock yourself when you try to mock others
    please, think before you comment

  • 15. B"H wrote:


  • 16. Devorah wrote:

    I’m sure he didn’t do it for pleasure. He was saving someone’s life. A true kiddish Hashem!!!

  • 18. Anonymous wrote:

    It’s this kind of legalism that keeps Moshiach from coming. Saving a life over Shomer Negia. Stop being so small minded. What would Moshe Rebbeinu do?!!!

  • 19. A,Non wrote:

    I can’t believe that people are writing the comments above. As Jews we value life and saving someone is a true mitsvah.

  • 20. Kudos to the two of you wrote:

    Yasher Koach to both, Chani and Shlomi. If not for Shlomi, could Chani have prevented her from breaking free and running away?

    I hope the shomer negia question is just a sick joke. Otherwise, a male doctor should avoid touching a woman, even in an emergency!

  • 21. stupid goyim wrote:

    when my father collapsed in shull on Shabbos. I used the phone to call Hatzalah, while people yelled Shabbos Shabbos!!!!! You and they are catholic,(the church requires a women to die in pregnancy) a yid always saves the living, so we can serve god tomorrow!!!

  • 22. Consent wrote:

    She can still sue him in court for battery. This woman never gave Consent for a stranger to lay a finger on her.

    The man who sat on her against her will can argue all he wants this woman is a meshugerner and therefore her Consent was implied, but if in court she later maintains it was against her express will, she can sue for battery.

    • 23. K wrote:

      Oh, and she can be charged with Attempt Murder, for trying to kill someone, to wit, herself.While the Good Samaritan acted in a reasonable manner to the rescue of the victim of this Attempt Murder, saving the victim from the harm attempted against.

  • 24. lady-sitter wrote:

    And if this violation of her will will crush her sense of self worth, and therefore later decide to terminate her life, the one who sat on her would be held accountable.

    Only a sick person can be cruel enough to apply force against a human will “for his good.”

    • 25. Toshov Hashchuna wrote:

      I am getting a straight jacket for you. You need protection from harming yourself – for your own good…


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