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Potentially Record-Setting Cold on Way to NYC

The city’s Office of Emergency Management issued an advisory ahead of incoming low temperatures that could include sub-zero wind chills. Forecasts show a very cold weekend approaching New York, with temperatures below freezing.

Meteorologist Bill Evans said Thursday’s cold temperatures are nothing compared to what’s coming over the weekend. Wind chills of 10 to 25 degrees below zero are possible late Saturday and Sunday.

Officials say people should stay indoors as much as possible, avoid alcohol, keep clothing dry or change out of wet clothes, and cover extremities like fingers and ears while outdoors.


  • 1. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Enjoy. during these Presidents days let us not forget (a) the brave soldiers who not only defeated the weather but the British in order to enable us to enjoy the freedoms we have now and (b) Washinton’s letter

  • 2. penina wrote:

    Why do you New Yorkers make a big deal out of cold weather???? Weather forecast ONLY showing ZIRO, While here in the Midwest it’s below 25 degrees or more??????& we don’t make big stink out of this??

    • 3. Exactly! wrote:

      In the midwest it is quite common to have sub zero weather, so residents are used to it and prepare accordingly.

      In NYC where this type of cold weather is record setting residents need to be alerted and to take extra precautions.

  • 4. To comment #2 wrote:

    Maybe 4 u in the Midwest it’s normal 2 b -25 or -15 but in the the tri state area this isn’t normal weather, the normal 4 this time of year the high is 42 & the low is 27. Since a lot of Lubavitchers from all over the world live in CH, the lubavitch websites feel that it is important 2 let us know that it’s gona b abnormal weather. That’s 4 u. In the Midwest it’s normal. If u would know what normal temperature in Bklyn is, u wouldn’t have made ur comment. Thank u CH info 4 letting us know. We appreciate it. Unlike others who don’t get it.

  • 6. Vayishlach wrote:

    To comment # 2. Not only y it’s important 4 CH info 2 tell us Bklynites & Lubavitchers that it’s gona b below zero, u need 2 learn how 2 spell. Zero is spelled “Zero” Not “Ziro.” Even if ur writing short hand, u still spell it Zero. So plz go back & learn some spelling basics.


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