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Bill Bans Smoke Detectors with Replaceable Batteries

New York lawmakers have passed a bill that would require new smoke detectors contain 10-year non-removable batteries.

From News 12:

The bill, which would take effect in 2017, would make it illegal to sell smoke detectors with replaceable batteries or those incapable of powering the device for at least 10 years.

Sponsors say it should further reduce fire-related injuries and deaths, noting the state first required smoke alarms in homes starting in 1961 and that has cut fire deaths in half.

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  • 1. Not a bad idea wrote:

    Now just give away the new smoke detectors for free and we have got a deal.

  • 2. Citzen Berel wrote:

    Government only takes away now. You can’t do this or that. Government does good things for sure, problem is all the good things Government does it has already been doing. New edicts are bad regardless of the merits. The Government is not your Mommy and does not care about you.

    Ban Ban Ban Ban Ban. Good, meh, horrible!, meh, good. Ban Ban Ban Ban Ban. meh, meh, meh, good, no more kapporos!

    May we soon merit a real king with the coming of moshiach tzidkeinu.

  • 3. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    This is a great idea! Yesterday morning I woke up smelling smoke and hearing loud noises–the apartment building across my street was on fire. You can imagine the scene and the sight of the burned out families with only pajamas on. Everything was a total loss but B”H everyone got out safely. Hopefully Washington state will pass a law like this.

  • 4. Bad idea wrote:

    It’s easy to replace a 9 volt battery. 10 year non replaceable batteries will be great for 10 years. After that you’ll have lots of people not replacing their smoke detectors.


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