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Rent Regulations For 2 Million NYC Tenants Expire

A law affecting rents paid by 2 million New York City tenants expired late Monday as state lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on extending it before a midnight deadline.

From VIN News:

As talks between legislative leaders and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo dragged on past the long-awaited expiration date, tenants, Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio and many rank-and-file lawmakers slammed the Legislature’s inability to craft a compromise in time as the latest example of dysfunction in Albany.

The rent regulations cover some 1 million rent-controlled and rent-stabilized units in and around New York City. The longstanding rules, which must be renewed in Albany periodically, dictate rent increases and eviction policies and are seen as a key protection for affordable housing in the nation’s largest city.

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  • 1. rdd wrote:

    I like that term “dysfunction in Albany”
    use that one for Washington DC.

  • 2. non-gender wrote:

    best part of it all, we keep reelecting these same people to represent us and to protect our interests

  • 3. Milhouse wrote:

    Why is it always described as “dysfunction” whenever something doesn’t pass? It’s as if it were the legislators’ jobs to pass whatever is put in front of them, or as if it’s their job to pass laws, so that their productivity can be measured by the number of laws they pass! That is not their job. Their job is to pass only those laws they agree with, and to reject those laws they don’t agree with. If they don’t agree with the governor’s proposed bill, then they were right not to pass it. Halevai they would never pass such a law again; unfortunately their disagreement is only over minor details, and they will soon pass something similar, with only a few tiny improvements if we’re lucky.

  • 4. Milhouse wrote:

    Cuomo vowed to go after landlords who exploit the law’s expiration

    That’s unconstitutional. Right now it’s not the law, and people have every right to ignore it. When they pass it, even if they make it effective from this morning, they can’t punish anyone for obeying the law as it existed at the time.

  • 5. No home - more crime wrote:

    How the Rich want the poor out of NY state …. No home in NY, no need to invest in poor ( medicaid , foot stamps , etc ) … But who will work for 8$ per hour ? Who will clean , serve etc …
    It must be balanced somehow , or they want homeless , shelters and crime ….


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