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Coldest Weather in 20 Years Expected This Weekend

Frigid temperatures and bone-chilling wind chills gripped the New York area on Friday, and meteorologists say it’s only going to worsen over the weekend, with some snow on Saturday and the coldest temperatures in 20 years before the weekend is over.

Today’s temperature is expected to be around 18 degrees but the wind chill will make it feel like it’s at or below 0 through the afternoon.

Snow is expected to begin falling on Shabbos afternoon, with two to four inches possible by Sunday morning.


  • 1. welcome kinus people! wrote:

    here is your chance to experience a cold climate ;) or warm if ur from Siberia lol

  • 2. L.A. wrote:

    Yeah & in Los Angeles today it 91& will b 89 / 90 over the weekend could u believe it !!

  • 3. North Miami wrote:

    In Miami it’s 77 today Shabbat will b 71 & Sunday will b 73 so it’s great weather here. 91 is kinda hot 4 the middle of Febuary

  • 4. chevra wrote:

    right now feels minus 12 in montreal
    (motsei shabbas) and sunday yet colder about -18 fahrenheit

  • 5. Yitzchok wrote:

    ו’ יהי’ה ג’ שבט
    שלג גדול יהי’ה וקור
    ראשי תיבות ויגש


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