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BDE: Motl (Marik) Tovshteyn, 81, OBM

With great sadness we inform of the passing of Motl (Marik) Tovshteyn OBM, at the age of 81 from complications of COVID19.

He is survived by his wife Lina, and two sons, Chaim and Eli, with whom he came from Odessa Ukraine straight to Crown Height about three decades ago. He is also survived by 9 grandchildren.

Motl was affiliated with F.R.E.E. based Russian community and prayed there. But he was also well known and admired throughout the Crown Heights Anash community during his work for Klein’s Grocery, Raskin’s Fish and Brochshtat’s chairs rentals.

Back in the USSR he was a respected mechanical engineer and was willing to settle for a much simpler career only for the sake of his sons who were inspired by his lifelong fierceful stance for the Jewish identity and became Chabad baal teshuves.

9:15 – Service near F.R.E.E (1383 President St)

9:30 – Passing by 770 Eastern Parkway

10:30 – Montefiore Cemetery (226-20 Francis Lewis Boulevard, Cambria Heights. Inside the cemetery: Benjamin Ave and North 7th Street )

Family asks to continue praying for refua shleima of his wife Lina bas Bertha, kappitel 79, who contracted COVID at the same time.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes

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  • 1. Brachois wrote:

    May Lina bas Bertha have a refua sheleima and may Moti be a meilitz yashar for klal Yisroel and have the ultimate aliyas haneshama as his neshama descends back into his guf with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu!


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