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Information to Menachem Avel the Greenbaum Family

The Greenbaum family will be sitting shiva following the passing of their husband and father Rabbi Yakov Greenbaum OBM, at 726 Eastern Parkway.

Monday: Mincha 4:30pm, Maariv bizmana.
Tuesday: Shachris: 8:00am, Mincha 12:30pm.

The family will then leave for Los Angeles and sit the remaining part of shiva at 140 N Mansfeld ave. Los angels. Tefilos times To be announced.

Shiva Update 1/13/19:

Address: 140 N Mansfield Ave

Tuesday: Maariv-9:45
Wed-Thur: Shachris-9:00, Mincha-4:50, Maariv-5:35
Friday: Shachris-9:00, Mincha-2:30
Sunday: Shachris-8:30

Visiting Times:
10am-12pm, 2pm-4pm & 7:30-10pm
Please respect these times!

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