This Weeks Shalom Zochor List

We present the Shalom Zochor list for the week of Vaeira:


Omer and Chani (nee Zikvashvili) Hasis – 885 Eastern parkway (between Albany Ave and Troy Ave)

Yossi and Rivkie Dubroff – 1650 President st. #3E (between Schenectady and Utica, right side of building)

Yossi and Shleema Vogel – 866 Eastern Parkway, 2nd floor (between Albany Ave and Troy Ave)

Asher and Chayale Werner – 403 Crown St. (between Brooklyn Ave and NY Ave)

Aryeh Leib and Bracha (nee Teichtel) Hurwitz – 460 Crown St. (between Kingston Ave and Brooklyn Ave)

Mendel and Hinda Kugel – 648 Eastern Parkway (between Brooklyn Ave and New York Ave)


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  • Hurwitz

    Aryeh Leib and Bracha (nee teichtel) Hurwitz
    460 Crown St
    Between Kingston and Brooklyn