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BDE: Rabbi Yaackov Boruch Gansburg, 87, OBM

With great sadness and pain we inform you of the passing of Rabbi Yaackov Boruch Gansburg OBM, a member of Anash of Crown Heights, and scion of a large family.

Reb Yaakov Baruch was born in Haditch to Reb Shneur Zalmen and Batsheva Gansburg. They lived in Haditch, as the Rebbe Rashab had requested of various senior family members, that they watch over the Rebbe’s ohel. He was named after his grandfather Reb Yaakov Boruch Karasik, the famous mashgiach in Tomchei Temimim in Lubavitch.

Together with his family, he escaped to France with the Polish transport after the war, and shortly thereafter moved to America. As Yaakov Baruch reached the age of shidduchim, the Rebbe instructed that he travel to France to find a shidduch. There he met his wife Simone Toledano of Morocco.

Yaakov Boruch was a soft spoken, kind man who always had a good word to share with people he met, or a joke to lighten up any given situation. He was known for his straightforward and “emesdike” manner, and good middos. He was always very careful to daven with a minyan every day along with learning Torah.

He and his wife always opened their home to shluchim and visitors from all over the world, specifically to French speakers.

Yaakov Baruch and his wife raised a family dedicated to the Rebbe’s moisdois in Crown Heights and around the world.

He is survived by his wife Simone and children Yossi Gansburg C(oconut Creek, FL), Eliezer Gansburg (Crown Heights), Mendy Gansburg (Crown Heights), Miriam Shemtov (Bucks County, PA), Chani Piekarski (Miami, FL), Chaim Gansburg (Crown Heights), Sarale Rosenblum (Brussels, Belgium), Dassie Prus (Doylestown, PA), and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He is also survived by his siblings, Scholom Ber Gansburg, Yitzchok Gansburg, Mendel Gansburg, Chaya Sara Zarchi, and Rivky Majeski of Crown Heights.

The levaya will take place Thursday, leaving Shomrei Hadas in Boro Park at 10:00am and passing by 770 at 10:45am,

Kvurah at Montefiore Cemetery.

Shiva will be held at 647 Montgomery St, times to be announced.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes

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