The Halachos: Chanukah Preparations

Courtesy of Rabbi Garelik of, we present a series on Halochos of Chanukah:

What to prepare before Chanukah begins:

1. Menorahs (Chanukiot): Also for the children. If one has a Menorah (Chanukiah) with branches, the branches should be shaped diagonally according to the Rambam, and not in a semi-circle as shown on – lehavdil – the Arch of Titus. See a video on this subject on, Click Here
2. Olive Oil: Mehudar with a reliable Hechsher. Ensure that it is not an imitation.
3. Wicks: cotton etc.
4. Shamoshim: Made of beeswax. Make sure that you have a longer Shamosh for Friday. Many packages of shamoshim will have one or two shamoshim that are longer than the others to be used for the Friday lighting.
5. Candles: For the children’s Menorahs and longer ones for the Friday lighting.
6. Matches.
7. Coins/money: To give Chanuka Gelt to the children each night of Chanukah (including Friday, to be given on Erev Shabbos or Sunday.)
8. Chanukah presents for the children.
9. Ingredients for Latkes etc.: Have available the necessary ingredients to make latkes and/or doughnuts. (Potatoes, oil, jam, etc.). Some also have the custom to eat dairy foods.
10. Dreidels.
11. Arrange which public menorah lighting the family will attend.

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