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Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Rabbi Moshe Muller, 43, OBM

With great sadness, shock and pain we inform you of the sudden and untimely passing of Rabbi Moshe Muller, beloved Shliach in Ilford, UK, and father of seven children. He was 43 years old.

Reb Moshe visited the hospital last week complaining of chest pains, and passed away on Sunday morning from a sudden and unexpected heart attack.

Rabbi Muller began his Shlichus in Ilford, northeast of London, in 1996. For 20 years he dedicated his life to his Shlichus under the auspices of Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin, and he was beloved by all who came into touch with him.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bracha Muller (nee Bernstein), and their eight children: Mushka, Mendel, Shoshi, Yitzi, Shimi, Zalman, Yosef and Avremel.

He is also survived by his mother, Mrs. Jenette Muller (London, UK), and siblings: Rabbi Eli Muller (Montreal, Canada), Rabbi Chaim Muller (Melbourne, Australia), Mrs. Malka Zarfati (London, UK), Mrs. Yael Klyne (Manchester, UK), Mrs. Sarah Tuller (Crown Heights), Mrs. Shoshi Serebryanski (Melbourne, Australia), Mrs. Tovah Vidal (Montreal, Canada) and Mrs. Rivkah Hershkowitz (Chicago, IL).

The Levaya will be held Monday, 1 Iyar/9 May, leaving from Lubavitch House in Stamford Hill at 2:30pm and passing by his home, 28 The Crescent Gants Hill IG2 6JF, at 3:30pm. Burial will be held at Adas Yisroel Carterhatch Lane EN1 4BG at 4:15pm.

Shiva will be held at his home: Shachris at 6:45am (Sunday 8:30am); Mincha and Maariv at 7:30pm; Second Maariv at 9:30pm. Family rest time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm.

Two funds have been set up to help the family for this difficult time, one for residents of the UK and the other for residents of the US.

English fund:

American fund:

Boruch Dayan Hoemes


  • 4. Hindy & Simcha Lewis, Israel wrote:

    Such terrible news to wake up to. Malkie & Sarah, we are so sorry, we wish you and your family arichas yamim in good health. May Rabbi Moshe Z”TL be a meilitz yasher for all of Klal Yisrael.

  • 6. Patrice Lawrence wrote:

    Commiserations to Rabbi Mullers wife n children n also to all his extended family. Reb you truly was an amazing person….one of the best…you also helped me in many ways….n i could never repay you… will be sorely missed by all who had the good fortune of meeting you n knowing you….RIP RABBI MULLER.

  • 7. Amanda Bannister wrote:

    Such sad sad news. What a lovely man who taught my son Ben Bannister his barmitzvah. Our sincere condolences to his lovely wife Bracha and also his children. He will be sorely missed. We wish the whole family long life. From Amanda, Ben, Rebecca, Ilana Bannister. X

  • 9. Anonymous wrote:

    I feel tremendous sensitivity and compassion towards the entire family , friends and loved ones of Rabbi Muller, who are mourning this uncomprabable loss. I ask hashem from the bottom of my heart to ease and sooth your suffering, May the spirit of Rabbi Muller be eternally bound within our hearts and may we live our lives in a way that bring s tremendous honor and merit.

  • 10. Chaya wrote:

    Bracha my heart feels for you very much
    Rabbi Muller was the kindest rabbi
    You are in my heart


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