Boruch Dayan Hoemes: R’ Mordechai Goldin, 59, OBM

With great sadness, shock and deep pain we inform you of the untimly passing of Meir Mordechai Halevi ben Tzvi Hirsh Goldin, at the age of 59.

Mordechai was known as the ‘always smiling’ bus driver for Lubavitcher Yeshiva, ferrying children to school every morning.

He is survived by his wife Penina and their children Zev, Miriam, Pinchas, Moshe, Faigy, and Tova.

He is also survived by his brother R. Eliyahu Goldin (Crown Heights).

The Levaya will take place tomorrow, Friday, at 10:00am by Shomrei Hadas and passing by 770 at around 10:45am.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes


  • Jeff

    BDH! I knew Mordechai for years. He was such a fine man, with amazing values and kind spirit. He sure will be missed.

  • Bde

    What a special man. I’m so sad. May his family only have simchos from now on and nay they find much menucha.

  • Shmuli

    Remembering the days my kids came off the bus chanting “Mordechai Hatzadik, Mordechai Hatzadik” We will always remember your smile!

  • No words to say

    He always picked up the children with a smile. He never would accept any money i.e. A Chanukah token gift or any other type of gift. He would always refuse it saying I only want your card and message and countless times give back the money and keep the card.

    Hashem picks the good ones.

  • BDE. such a good man

    Oh, he was such a kind man. No one can ever posibli have something not good to say,
    he was simply amazing

  • Ovad chossid min haolam

    There is so much that we can learn from Mordechai and he will be greatly missed. My kids loved him. We will bli neder take something on, as a family, l’iylui nishmas Mordechai. BDE.

  • A Neighbor

    BDE. So sorry for your loss and our loss as his neighbors and friends. Always with a smile and a spring in his step, a gold heart and an open house welcoming thousands to his table and home. A truly special neshama and Chassid. We will all miss him. May Hashem comfort the Goldin family!

  • fellow man

    sounds like he had a very complete life in this world may he be a meletz yoshar a guta better for his family and clall yosroe

  • Kalman

    a great person, we go back to yeshiva in morristown in 1982, may G-D comfort his family and finally bring the redemption , MOSHIACH NOW

  • Anonymous

    bde. No words. May his dear wife penIna and children be comforted and no of no more pain only joy.may we all be reunited with the coming of moshich!!!

  • dearest uncle

    wish we could have spent more time together before i went back to yeshiva :(