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Bochurim Train to Excel on Merkos Shlichus

In anticipation of their upcoming Merkos Shlichus assignment, 275 Bochurim gathered at the Jewish Children’s Muesum for an intensive instructional seminar. They are preparing to be dispatched to tens of cities around the world, where they will bring much needed Jewish resources and inspiration to local Jewish communities.

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Northern Idaho Sees First Ever Communal Seder

As the sun went down Friday evening, candles were lit and blessings were spoken in a conference room at La Quinta Inn and Suites in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where a small group of Jews gathered on the first night of Passover.

Over 300 Cities to Host Merkos Shluchim this Pesach

A passerby may have assumed a major farbrengen was going on as Rabbi Menachem Posner demonstrated the power of a niggun. At the Yom Iyun for Bochurim departing on Merkos Shlichus for Pesach, Rabbi Posner encouraged bochurim to use the niggun as a tool to help open bring warmth and camaraderie to a crowd of strangers. “If I could get 200 bochurim to sing along with me now, you could certainly get your guests to join in the singing. Make sure to use this tool!”

Photos: The Real Test of Merkos Shlichus

On a brisk evening last week, when Purim was more on people’s radar than Pesach, several hundred bochurim gathered at Chabad HQ. The night’s agenda: assessing their knowledge and preparedness in leading public Seders — and being the de facto Chabad presence in outposts across the globe.

Roving Rabbis Scour for Jews in Rural Oklahoma

Amarillo Globe

Two rabbinical students from the Chabad Community Center for Jewish Life and Learning in Oklahoma City are traveling to small Jewish communities in Oklahoma and North Texas, hoping to spread goodness and kindness.

Where Will ‘Roving Rabbis’ Observe Tisha B’Av? Just About Everywhere

The summertime travels of “Roving Rabbis”—young Chabad-Lubavitch rabbinical students and newly minted rabbis who visit isolated Jews and small Jewish communities all over the globe—are filled with exciting, hectic days and nights in which they share the joys of Judaism with others. But on Tisha B’Av, they have a unique opportunity for a relatively quiet day of reflection, in which they can learn more about the local Jewish community and deepen their times with them.

In Economically Battered Greece, Rabbinic Students Offer Comfort to Jewish Community

As Greece faces closed banks, looming bankruptcy and possible expulsion from the Eurozone, Chabad has dispatched a pair of “Roving Rabbis” to bring hope, comfort and support to Jewish communities large and small.

At ‘The Edge of the World,’ a Man Discovers a Hidden Identity

Dirk Evenhuis had come to northwestern Tasmania as a 5-year-old in 1951. His family was among 35 Dutch families who had emigrated together. It wasnt until a pair of Bochurim on Merkos Shlichus ‘found’ him that he redicovered his Jewish roots, literally at ‘the edge of the world’.

NPR Profiles ‘Roving Rabbis’ in Rural West

On Sunday, NPR radio ran a feature broadcast on two Chabad Yeshiva students traveling through rural Arizona this summer as part of the ‘roving rabbis’ program. The two Bochurim, Zalman Refson and Yaakov Kaplan, were interviewed for the program, along with a couple of isolated Jews they encountered on their travels.

Inspiring Encounters on the Texas Trail

Young rabbinical students Mendel Schmukler and Sholom Ber Charitonow have been spending their summer vacation traveling through the U.S. state of Texas, bringing the light of Judaism to the few isolated Jews in the state’s rural areas. The following two stories were told by them, both of which occurred while visiting the city of Houston.

An Impromptu Russian Bar Mitzvah – in Michigan

Young rabbinical students Yossi Rubashkin and Mendel Polter have been spending their summer vacation traveling through the U.S. state of Michigan, bringing the light of Judaism to the few isolated Jews in the state’s rural areas. The following story was told by them, which occurred while they were in the small city of Midland.