Behind the Scenes at the Shluchos Group Photo

The Kinus Hashluhos Group photo is never a simple endeavor. Coordinating hundreds of woman, as well as preparing for the event, was left in the capable hands of master photographer Chaim Perl. Despite the many challenges, the photo was a great success.

The photo was taken in Oholai Torah, and superimposed on a background of 770. A large version of the photo was on display at the Kinus Hashluchos Gala Banquet.

photos by Esther Malka Levertov – Nachas Photography

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  • 1. Sarah Barth wrote:

    Keudos to Chaim Perl who did a masterful job of coordinating this extraordinary photo of the largest Kinos Hashluchot gathering and to the Vaad and the perspective that may this photo be the 1st shluchot gathering of the geula


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