Chabad Partners Conference A Great Success

Delegates from across the globe enjoyed the Chabad Partners Conference held in conjunction with the International Kinus Hashluchim. A day-long program was held on the Sunday of the Kinus, culminating with the Gala Banquet where they joined over 5400 other guests and Shluchim.

The program began at the Jewish Children’s Museum with shacharis and breakfast. This was followed by the delegates observing the taking of the annual Shluchim classic picture in front of 770 from a special viewing stand on Eastern Parkway. The program continued in the Razag Ballroom where they were welcomed by Rabbi Lipa Brennen and Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie, coordinators of the Conference, together with a va’ad of Shluchim from overseas. The delegates enjoyed a series of speeches and presentations and as a result the participants developed a deeper understanding of Chabad and their role as partners of the Shluchim.

Rabbi Yossi Jacobson inspired the crowd with a remarkable and insightful speech about Shlichus and current events. Delegates participated in an animated exchange at workshops where they shared stories of their involvement with Chabad and the activities in their communities.

In the closing plenary, the delegates appreciated an intriguing discussion with four Shluchim from across the globe on “Challenges to World Jewry”. The panelists included Rabbi Shua Rosenstein from Yale University, Rabbi Mendel Glukowsky from Rechovot, Israel, Rabbi Chaim Danzinger from Rostov, Russia, and Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin from London, UK. The discussion, moderated by Rabbi Eliezrie, explored a wide variety of topics including anti-Semitism, the challenge of engaging the next generation, and the relationship between community leaders and their Shluchim.

A surprise for the delegates came during the lunch session when Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, noted author and contributor to, inscribed and distributed to all participants a copy of his latest book, hot off the press – “Wisdom to Heal the Earth”.

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