Photos: Lunch, Sessions and Dinner

On Thursday afternoon, day 2 of the International Kinus Hashluchos, the Shluchos had lunch and then a welcome session, followed by additiona sessions at the Leonardo Plaza in Great Neck, New York. The afternoon sessions were followed by a lavish dinner at Oholei Torah.


  • 1. Is this a new thing? wrote:

    Are we going the way of Ami, Hamodia etc & not publishing photos of the shluchos (with a very few exceptions)? I would love to see my photos of my daughters and their friends but all I see are the backs of ladies.

  • 2. Lovely but where's the inhalt ? wrote:

    Could you please include a list of the sessions and their presenters?
    The true beauty of such a conference is not faces and numbers but meaning, isn’t it ?
    Please share more than a keynote address. Thank you.


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