Photos: Kinus Hashluchim Getting Underway

Thousands of Shluchim began making their way to Crown Heights in order to participate in the International Kinus Hashluchim. Registration took place in the JCM and Shluchim seized the opportunity to begin their trip with a visit to the Rebbes Room.

Photos by Benams Photo

kinus-16-reg-1 kinus-16-reg-2 kinus-16-reg-3 kinus-16-reg-4 kinus-16-reg-5 kinus-16-reg-6 kinus-16-reg-7 kinus-16-reg-8 kinus-16-reg-9 kinus-16-reg-10 kinus-16-reg-11 kinus-16-reg-12 kinus-16-reg-13 kinus-16-reg-14 kinus-16-reg-15 kinus-16-reg-16 kinus-16-reg-17 kinus-16-reg-18 kinus-16-reg-19 kinus-16-reg-20 kinus-16-reg-21 kinus-16-reg-22 kinus-16-reg-23 kinus-16-reg-24 kinus-16-reg-25 kinus-16-reg-26 kinus-16-reg-27 kinus-16-reg-28 kinus-16-reg-29 kinus-16-reg-30 kinus-16-reg-31 kinus-16-reg-32 kinus-16-reg-33 kinus-16-reg-34 kinus-16-reg-35 kinus-16-reg-36 kinus-16-reg-37 kinus-16-reg-38 kinus-16-reg-39 kinus-16-reg-40 kinus-16-reg-41 kinus-16-reg-42 kinus-16-reg-43 kinus-16-reg-44 kinus-16-reg-45 kinus-16-reg-46 kinus-16-reg-47 kinus-16-reg-48 kinus-16-reg-49 kinus-16-reg-50 kinus-16-reg-51 kinus-16-reg-52 kinus-16-reg-53 kinus-16-reg-54 kinus-16-reg-55

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  • 1. Big Z Schapiro wrote:

    as they say in Sports let the games begin I would like to say let the Kinus Hshluchim begin :-):-) again welcome to all Shluchim to Crown Heights have a wonderful Shabbos keep on smiling and Keep on Dancing


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