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Under Pressure, Chof-K Responds To Ben & Jerry Boycott


Under intense pressure by Jewish communities worldwide, The Chof-K Kosher, which supplies a Kosher Certification to the Ice Cream company, responded to calls to boycott Ben & Jerry’s.

“Although Ben and Jerry’s and its parent company Unilever announced that they will not be leaving Israel, the KOF-K is quite concerned about Ben & Jerry’s decision not to sell to Yehuda and Shomron as of January 1, 2023. Unilever has committed that the company will adhere to their contract. The KOF-K has been in contact with the Israeli Government and the Yesha Council to determine the most effective way to respond. Based on the advice of the Yesha council the KOFK will continue to fulfill its contractual obligations to Ben & Jerry’s while using its influence to make sure that this anti-Israel policy never becomes implemented. The KOF-K has expressed to Unilever and Ben and Jerry’s CEOs the negative repercussions of this policy,” the statement said.

The kosher certifying company was under increased scrutiny as many Kosher supermarkets, chain stores, and even governments announced plans to boycott the Vermont-based Ben & Jerry’s.

According to the Ben & Jerry’s affiliate in Israel, the company had been pressuring the Israeli subsidiary for years to stop sales of the Ice Cream in what it termed “Occupied Palestinian Territory”. After refusing, the company finally announced its plans to end sales by not renewing the subsidiaries license next year.

“We encourage everyone to advocate on behalf of Israel,” the Chof-K added. “Please address your concerns about this policy directly to Unilever and Ben & Jerry’s. This is a highly volatile situation and the KOF-K remains in contact with the Israeli Government and the Yesha Council as the most prudent way to make sure the policy never becomes implemented.”

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