HatzolahAir Welcomes New Vehicles To Their Fleet

by CrownHeights.info

It’s a very expensive ambulance.

HatzolahAir, a branch of Hatzalah that ferries people long distances and overseas, has announced the welcoming of their newest fleet vehicle, an airplane.

The 2008 Cessna 750 is a fixed wing twin engine aircraft able to hold up to 12 passengers, and will be used by HatzolahAir to help those who need medical transport that can’t be done on the ground.

“It’s finally here!!!!” HatzolahAir posted on their Instagram. “We are so excited and grateful to welcome our newest addition to the Hatzolah Air fleet!”

The newest airplane joins another aircraft and a transport van as the HatzolahAir fleet grows.

“Weighing in at 18 tons and 8 ounces, this beauty is poised and ready to save countless lives,” said HatzolahAir. “One Team. One Mission.”

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