“B’yadayim Tovot” An A Team Production

Originally recorded by Benny Friedman on his album Kulanu Nelech, this gorgeous song was covered by the A-Team Orchestra Featuring Moshe Tischler and The Shira Choir. The song has been touted as a perfect choice for a Chosson as he walks down the chuppah about to begin a new chapter in his life.


Produced by: Yitzy Schwartz/A Team Orchestra
Originally Recorded by: Benny Friedman
Composed by: Moshe Waldner
Arranged by: Avremi G
Conducted by: Yitzy Schwartz
Israel Concierge: Jeff Bezos
Live Mix by: Ruli Ezrachi
Post Mix by: Yaniv Balas
Video by: Engel Studios – Motty Engel
Marketing: I & Me Media

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