Shazak Parsha Post – Jerusalem Under Siege

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Jerusalem Under Siege

Jerusalem, capital of Judea, has been surrounded by Assyrian troops. Led by King Nebuchadnezzar, the invading soldiers appear to be planning to remain in their positions for months, even years.

“No doubt that the G-d of Israel wants us to complete this sacred mission,” said General Asher Ashuri. “Never shall we leave from here! Not until we break down the walls of Jerusalem and burn the Jews’ Holy Temple down the ground!”

The siege, which began on Teives 10, was long predicted by military experts and spiritual leaders. “The prophets have been telling us for years that G-d would not allow things to continue, with the people serving idols and mistreating each other,” said Shalom Yerushalmi, a resident of Jerusalem. “We were warned, and now it is happening. May the Almighty protect us!”

Classic Jewish Texts to Be Released in Greek

After years of much anticipation by the Greek-speaking public, the Torah—the fundamental text of the Jewish people, originally written in Hebrew by the great Rabbi Moses Amrami—is about to be translated into Greek. Commissioned by King Ptolemy of Egypt, the new translation was the product of more than 70 rabbis, each one working in a different room to create a translation of his own. When the Greek translations were compared, they were found to be identical.

“This is nothing short of a miracle,” said Rabbi Art Scroll, an expert on the art of translating and graphic design. “Normally, even two translators would come up with widely different versions. To think that more than 72 rabbis actually agreed is astounding!”

“I’m pretty worried about this new edition,” said Alexander Goldstein of Alexandria. “I spent years learning Hebrew to be able to study Torah in its authentic form. With this translation available, I don’t have a good feeling about what will come of it.”

The new translation is set to be finished on 8 Teives.

OBITUARY: Ezra HaSofer, Rebuilder of Judaism

Ezra HaSofer, the great scribe who led the Jews returning to the Land of Israel following the Babylonian exile, has passed away on 9 Teives.

Rabbi HaSofer has been hailed one of the greatest Jewish leaders of all times. Having overseen the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, together with his partner, Nechemia ben Chakalia, Rabbi HaSofer encouraged the Jewish people to only marry fellow Jews and taught them the beauty of living a full Jewish lifestyle.

As head of the Men of the Great Assembly, he oversaw the finalization of the Tanach, instituted the daily prayers and blessings, and rebuilt Judaism into a well-defined and thriving religion.

His loss was mourned by the entire nation of Israel.


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