Tefillin Recovered After Volunteers Comb Through Sanitation Truck

by CrownHeights.info

Sometimes you have to get down and dirty to do the right thing, and not just figuratively.

A group of dedicated volunteers spent hours combing through the contents of a NYC Sanitation truck Monday evening after a pair of tefillin was accidently dumped into the garbage and carted off to a city dump.

An urgent call for volunteers went out Monday afternoon from Yitzchok Neuwirth, who asked for “Any Volunteers to help me search thru a sanitation truck for a Tefilin.”

The group of men met at the Varick Ave Sanitation Transfer Station at around 6:00pm and began sifting through the mountain of garbage.

Masked, suited, gloved and booted, the team made the discovery of the tefillin to jubilant singing and dancing.

The UJO of Williamsburg posted a thank you to the NYC Department of Sanitation and volunteers on Twitter, saying “Thank you to @NYCSanitation, Brooklyn North Chief Scotti for intercepting and isolating the garbage truck where a tefilin discarded immediately when we called him this morning. Thank you Yitzchok Neuwirth and the entire search team. Burech Hashem the tefilin was found.”

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