Conversations With Our Children: A Webinar For Parents

Ever been stumped by your child with a great question you just don’t have the words to answer?

Found yourself blushing at ideas your teen wanted explained?

Need the right lingo to explain important life concepts to your kids? is please to announce an exciting webinar coming up in a few weeks B’ezras Hashem.

As Chassidim, we know that the perspective of Chassidus colors and influences every aspect of our lives, especially in the areas of Chinuch.

So much has been discussed recently on social media and within the community regarding having conversations with our children on the facts of life. For the first time, we present a paradigm shift in perspective as well as a how-to guide on having these important conversations with your children on the facts of life *from the perspective of Chassidus*.

Featuring respected educators who have extensively researched this topic with the guidance of Rabbonim and Mashpios, this 3-part webinar will have 2 sessions for mothers and 1 for fathers and is available *by paid registration only* at

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